Your One Stop-Shop for Carpets in Coombe, Richmond & Kingston

To fill a room with warmth and a sense of comfort, you can’t do much better than carpets. At B&M Carpets & Flooring in Kingston, we supply and install beautiful products in a huge range of styles for homeowners and companies throughout Surrey and London – proving especially popular in nearby Richmond, Coombe and Ham. From major, household name brands to more niche and sought-after products you won’t find elsewhere, you’re bound to find what you need when you choose us over competing local carpet shops.

With so much choice on offer, you might feel overwhelmed in whittling down a selection of carpets to the final one you opt for. That’s why our friendly team of staff, who are highly experienced in all aspects of what they do, are on hand to assist you in finding the right carpets. So pay our Kingston location a visit to browse in person (it’s easily reached from the aforementioned Richmond, Coombe and Ham areas), or alternatively – call us to arrange a home consultation.

Types of Carpets

Our carpets differ in a number of ways: material (e.g wool, Sisal, nylon or polypropylene), design (e.g patterned, plain or striped) and the style. Below, we’ve explored the different options you have available in this latter category. But should you have questions regarding the former ones, don’t hesitate to contact our carpet shops on 020 8546 2533.

Twist – These are great for clients around Kingston, Richmond, Ham and Coombe who need something hardwearing for high traffic areas – for example, stairs and landings. Despite their durability, they have smooth surfaces and offer a tasteful aesthetic.

Saxony – One of the most popular mainstays you’ll find in all good carpet shops. Saxony carpets are sumptuous and luxurious under the foot, and as such are perfect for bedrooms and lounges. They have a thick pile you can sink your toes into.

Loop – Somewhere half-way between twist and Saxony in terms of being both comfortable and practical. They’re soft, yet deal with everyday usage brilliantly. However, pet owners around Kingston, Richmond, Ham and Coombe will want to choose something else, as claws can easily get caught in the loop pile.

Berber – This category contains both loop and twist piles and as such there’s tons of choice on offer at our carpet shops: choose from different patterns, textures and feels. One of the most versatile types of carpets, they’re typically inexpensive, hardwearing and stylish.

Velvet – Wonderfully soft, velvet carpets are the height of decadence. They’re perfect for bedrooms and lounges, boasting a unique, dense pile with an ultra-smooth finish.

To book a home consultation or enquire about what we have at our Kingston store, call 020 8546 2533. B&M is proud to have cemented its spot as Surrey & London’s top carpet shops.