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Once you’ve browsed carpet shops and flooring shops, like B&M Carpets & Flooring near Ham, found the carpets or luxury vinyl flooring of your choice and had it installed – you’ll likely feel a deep sense of reward. After all, new flooring can work wonders for a home or commercial property, improving both its aesthetic and functionality.

But one way to ensure that your carpets or luxury vinyl flooring stay in immaculate condition, and enjoy a long lifespan, is to ensure they’re regularly cleaned in the right way. That’s what this article is all about. If you’re still a way off purchasing a product, and are browsing flooring shops and carpet shops around Ham, we urge you to visit our Kingston outlet or to call our experienced team on 020 8546 2533 to arrange a home consultation. We have a fantastic range of products to suit all tastes and budgets!

Tips for Keeping Your Carpets & Flooring Clean

Vacuum Regularly

It’s important to keep carpets free of all the dirt and debris they accumulate over the course of an average week. While most Ham residents will find vacuuming once a week enough, if you have an especially busy household – or one filled with pets / young children known to make a bit of a mess – you should up this appropriately.

Swiftly Tackle Stains

This tip goes for everything from traditional carpets to modern luxury vinyl flooring: if you see something that could stain your flooring, deal with it immediately. It can be tempting to “deal with it later”, especially if you’re in the midst of an act like cooking the dinner. But this could be the difference between a stain setting in, and being able to simply wipe it off. That’s why flooring shops and carpet shops will always urge you to act swiftly!

Choose the Right Tool

While the aforementioned vacuum is fantastic for carpets, it has slightly less utility value when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring. So what is the right tool for the job? Simply get a mop nice and damp with warm water (not hot!) and go to work. If a stain has set in and the warm water isn’t cutting the mustard, perhaps literally, then add in some soap. Simple.

Searching for reputable flooring shops and carpet shops located near the Ham area? Pick up the phone and call B&M Carpets & Flooring in Kingston, on 020 8546 2533!