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Our Kingston outlet is constantly receiving visits from prospective customers looking for something more than what they’ve found at competing local carpet shops and flooring shops; more in terms of both product range, and in quality of customer service. B&M Carpets & Flooring do exactly this, by stocking a wide range of products, covering everything from carpets to luxury vinyl flooring.

In this article, we’ve looked to assist those who aren’t yet sure about which type of flooring will best suit their particular needs. If you’re already sure of what you want and are more interested in getting a quote for carpets, vinyl flooring or perhaps our engineered wood flooring – feel free to skip ahead and call our Kingston location on 020 8546 2533.

Choosing the Right Type of Flooring – A Guide

Carpets – While many new materials have come and gone over the years, it’s unlikely specialist carpet shops will be going out of business any time soon! Carpets are timeless, and are as sought after now as they were in ancient times. They offer an unrivalled level of comfort under foot, and are fantastic for bedrooms, living rooms and hallways in both domestic and commercial premises around Kingston. We have carpets made from a variety of materials, and in all sorts of styles – from Berber to Frieze and everything in-between. They’re versatile, in that there are both hardwearing and durable carpets, as well as less hardwearing, indulgent carpets that bring an air of luxury to a room. Choose carpets for the warmth and comfort they bring to the table.

Vinyl Flooring - …but obviously, carpets aren’t suitable for all areas of a Kingston property, especially those like bathrooms and kitchens, where spillages etc. are a concern. Vinyl flooring, being ultra-easy to clean, and boasting a fresh and modern aesthetics, is ideal for these kinds of applications. And while the vinyl flooring present in flooring shops “back in the day” was often ugly and unpleasant to behold, these days manufacturers make stunning yet affordable vinyl which can fit into all types of interior design scheme.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles – Want to invest a bit extra and head a step above traditional vinyl flooring? Luxury vinyl tiles allow Kingston property owners to get the best of both worlds – a realistic natural aesthetic of premium wood or stone, with the ease of maintenance and installation offered by vinyl flooring. Choose luxury vinyl if you want your cake, and to eat it too!

Still unsure? Call B&M Carpets & Flooring on 020 8546 2533. Staff at our Kingston shop will be more than happy to provide expert advice and assistance in narrowing down the choice!