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A household name renowned for its quality and ingenuity, Karndean produces luxury vinyl flooring products that are as functional as they are aesthetically impressive. B&M Carpets& Flooring in Kingston serves as a local stockist and installer of Karndean’s full product range, and provides advice to ensure clients find the ideal flooring for their home or commercial space. Covering all surrounding areas including Coombe, Ham, Petersham and Richmond, we’ll help make investing in new flooring a simple and straight forward process.

Karndean manufactures a number of collections, each with their own distinct traits and characteristics. These include:

  • Art Select
  • Da Vinci
  • Van Gogh Gluedown
  • Van Gogh Rigid Core
  • Opus
  • Knight Tile
  • Kaleidoscope
  • HeritageCollection
  • Karndean LooseLay
  • LooseLay Longboard
  • Korlok

These different collections span three different formats: gluedown, loose lay and rigid core. Gluedown is fixed to a prepared subfloor, which needs to be perfectly flat and dry. This format allows Kingston, Coombe, Ham, Petersham and Richmond clients to get creative, mixing and matching products to create bespoke designs and patterns.

Loose lay utilises Karndean’s K-Wave fiction grip technology to hold the floor in place without adhesive. It’s a fantastic sound insulator due to its thickness, and is quick and easy to both install and uninstall; it can also handle subfloors that aren’t quite perfect.

Rigid core products are floating floors that quickly click into place. They typically emulate natural materials like wood and stone, giving you a rich aesthetic without the drawbacks (initial cost, maintenance requirements, etc.) They also have fantastic acoustic qualities, reducing noise transfer by up to 21dB.

The Advantages of Choosing Karndean Flooring

Waterproof– Whatever format you choose, your Karndean flooring will be waterproof. This makes them a great option for kitchens and bathrooms throughout Kingston, Coombe, Ham, Petersham and Richmond.

Easyto Clean – Unlike carpets, which can hide dirt and allergens deep within their pile, Karndean floors are super easy to clean. Simply give them a regular sweep, and a wipe down following any spillages.

Durable– Karndean flooring products are guaranteed for life. They also incorporate anti-scuff and stain technology, ensuring they’ll look their very best for many years to come. In a word, they’re durable.

Comfortable– Designed with comfort firmly in mind, Karndean flooring is also compatible with underfloor heating systems, for warmth and coziness in even the frostiest of winter months!

Stylish– Whether you are pursuing a modern interior with bold, monochromatic patterns, or something that emulates a particular woodgrain or type of natural stone, you’ll find stylish flooring products that can single-handedly elevate the interior of your Kingston, Coombe, Ham, Petersham or Richmond property.

Learn more about our Karndean flooring products, which we supply and install within homes and commercial properties in and around Kingston, by calling 020 85462533.