Get Stunning, Long-lasting Flooring & Carpets in Richmond

Based in nearby Kingston-upon-Thames, B&M Carpets & Flooring enjoys a healthy stream of custom from domestic and commercial clients in Richmond, who know us to be the pick of all nearby carpet shops and flooring shops. That’s why in this article, we’ve looked to answer some common questions we receive regarding everything from products (including carpets and luxury vinyl flooring), to the services we provide (chiefly installation). Should you have a question that isn’t answered below, we urge you to contact us directly on 020 8546 2533.

Carpets & Flooring FAQ

What types of flooring make up your catalogue?

Firstly, we have carpets of all loop styles, materials (including Sisal) and patterns; each has distinct characteristics which we go into detail with on our dedicated carpets page. Then we have our engineered wood flooring, which provides the aesthetic of wood at a fraction of the cost. We have standard vinyl flooring, ideal for a range of applications, and then luxury vinyl tiling. This is slightly more expensive, but offers a premium aesthetics and build quality that will instantly elevate any room it’s in to the next level.

Do you provide home consultations?

We do, within our area of coverage which takes in Richmond. This will ensure that the carpets or luxury vinyl flooring products you’re considering investing in will both suit the lighting and layout of your room, and that the amount you purchase will perfectly sync up with the dimensions of your room. Keep in mind that not all flooring shops and carpet shops offer home consultations when comparing and contrasting local options.

Can you provide free estimations?

We certainly can! What’s more, we offer a price promise that means we won’t be beat by competing flooring shops and carpet shops in the Richmond area. Whether it’s carpets, engineered wood or luxury vinyl flooring you’re after – we’ll ensure you keep costs down when fitting or re-fitting a domestic or commercial property.

How do I choose between flooring materials?

While there’s no rulebook and you should feel free to get creative in how you apply flooring and carpets throughout your property, the general rule is to opt for carpets or engineered wood in places like hallways, bedrooms, lounges and studies – essentially where the comfortable feel will prove a boon – and to use vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and areas that might be vulnerable to spills etc. (they’re far less likely to stain, and will be easy to mop up). For tailored advice, speak with our team who have a huge wealth of experience accumulated while working at flooring shops and carpet shops around Richmond.

For answers to any other query you might have, call the B&M Carpets & Flooring team on 020 8546 2533. We’re based just a short drive from Richmond, in nearby Kingston.